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Reborn by Dallas Ryan

Exiled from his own time, a lone wolf shifter must seek redemption through an unlikely alliance, as a maiden’s powers become the key to saving all they hold dear. When Brandur woke up on a strange beach, he realized he’d not only been hurled from his home in Wyoming but also from his time. When a striking woman took aim at his neck, his wolf was immediately captivated, but his human side wanted only to escape her. Ulfhild spent years resisting her magickal powers, wanting her father to accept her as a warrior regardless of her gender. Bringing her father a likely spy should have earned her some praise. But when the Chieftain treated him as a guest instead, Ulfhild was livid. This man even made a ridiculous claim that he was from a legendary clan who disappeared long ago. He was arrogant, sly, and strange altogether. She couldn’t stand him, but she couldn’t seem to force him from her thoughts or control her desire for him. When both of their true natures are revealed, will Ulfhild and Brandur accept that they are fated mates and play their roles in an enigmatic, ancient prophecy, or will they risk losing everything, and everyone, they love? Those who love fated mates and don’t want to choose between shifters, witches, and time travel will find all of their dream elements in this paranormal, historical fantasy romance. This is a continuation of the storyline started in Berserker: Book One of the Sköll Clan Shifters Series. While it could be read alone, it will best be enjoyed after reading the first in the series.