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Raw by SR Jones


I’m not the good guy - not the guy you take home to meet Daddy.
I’m the man you pay, the one who makes you scream.
I pleasure women for a price. I don’t commit. I don’t date. I don’t fall in love. But then I meet her.
The first moment I see her, I know she'll be trouble. She wants me, and I want her.
From two different worlds, it can be nothing more than a fling.
So the plan is simple: we do this, meet this thing between on us head on.
And then we move the hell on.
It's simple.
Until it isn't.
Too raw, too beautiful, too dangerous to ignore.

In over my head.
I’m the good girl. The ordinary girl next door, who lives an uneventful life.
Until him.
He comes crashing into my world, and it will never be the same again.
He scares me, challenges me, and makes me dizzy with desire.

He'll be my downfall if I let him.
I agree to his terms. One night. A fling. Nothing more.
But you can’t contain the passion, the desire, and the more we try to keep our distance, the more entangled we become.
As my world falls apart and everything I thought was real is exposed as a lie, I have to decide who to trust.
Should I take a risk on him or walk away from something so raw and so real?