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Ransom by Callie Rhodes


Once there were boundaries…but now that their chains are broken, these alphas refused to be contained.

Eight years ago, Ransom was only a teenager headed for the alpha territory of the Boundarylands when he was captured and held prisoner by a power hungry madman. Since that day he’s been kept deep underground, subjected to experimentation and torture. But now his prison has been to reduced rubble, and there’s only one thing he wants more than freedom…

Gretchen Conrad is following a story about an explosion at a remote government site when she discovers something terrifying…something impossible—an alpha outside the Boundarylands. But even though Gretchen knows she should be afraid of this scarred beast, she can’t deny the primal pull she feels when he comes too close.But the more time she spends with Ransom, the more she feels herself changing…until she’s no longer sure if she’ll ever be the same again.

RANSOM is the first book in The Unchained Omegaverse, a hot new ABO romance series featuring knotting, heats, and possession. Wear gloves, cause this sh*t is hot.