Quest of a Scottish Warrior
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Quest of a Scottish Warrior by Sky Purington

"Purington writes some of the best time-travel romances going." -AngelAj Historian and ancestry website owner, Cassie first became interested in her long lost Broun clan when she realized life was about to change forever. Faced with possible blindness, she seeks out her Scottish bloodline only to discover there is so much more to it than she could have anticipated. Not only will she find answers to her questions but a doorway into the distant past via a Claddagh ring. Betrothed since birth to a lass he has never met, Chieftain Logan MacLomain thought the unending tie between his clan and the Brouns was long past. Never was he more wrong. When Cassie appears in a skirmish on the border of his clan's land, all his noble intentions are put to the test. To desire her is wrong but still he seeks her out every chance he gets. Just a glimpse of her passing smile brightens the honorable yet lonely path he must see through. Everything changes for Cassie and Logan the day war ravages a nearby village and a young king's fate is put at risk. Scotland's future hangs in the balance as denied love blossoms and four MacLomain warriors band together to save all that might soon be lost. Set to avenge the harm done, Logan embarks on a quest with Cassie that will take them both down a road fraught with risk, heartache and the beginning of an end they never saw coming. Series Overview... There is a little-known part of history that celebrates four mystical men, Scottish warriors all, who would do anything to protect a wee bairn. It is a tale born of passion, magic, adventure and even time-travel. A tale of a band of warriors who sacrificed everything to keep safe the future of Scotland. Not only did they strive to see their beloved clan not lost to the past but were determined to see a great Scotsman rise up. A powerful man who would someday rule well his country and see that her heart was not lost... Here's to Roibert a Briuis, best known as Robert the Bruce, King of the Scots, one of the most famous warriors of his generation in the Wars of Scottish Independence. Heat Level: Steamy. Recommended for a Mature Audience.