Protecting Their Princess
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Protecting Their Princess by Ajme Williams


Falling in love with my former Navy SEAL protectors was easy.
But avoiding this scandal is the hard part.
Very hard.

My new security team is everything I imagined it to be.
Three strong, hot men that would take a bullet for me.
But the “good girl” of Hollywood needs more than just protection.
No sketchy stories.
No unbelievable rumors.
Except for the one I have with my co-star.

My fans don’t know that my heart belongs with the men in my bed.
The SEALs have me thinking about them between cut and action.
They hate that I have to pretend to love my co-star for publicity.

But we all have bigger problems on our hands than just jealousy.
The reason why I hired them in the first place.
Danger is inevitable when you’re famous.
Especially when I’m about to bring a child into my world of craziness…

18+ Only. Standalone contemporary reverse harem romance guaranteeing a happily ever after.