Power Play Series Boxset
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Power Play Series Boxset by Kennedy Mitchell

NOW AVAILABLE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED! When a forbidden workplace romance ignites, turning enemies to lovers, can the two keep the love affair hidden, or will their fire destroy everything they’ve worked for? These men play dirty hoping I’ll fail, but they don’t realize I’m in this to win no matter the risks or what I have to sacrifice. This isn’t a simple game – it’s my career, my daughter’s future, and now the life of the one man I shouldn’t want but can’t stop running toward. He hates me, an enemy from the start, but when that anger shifts to something hotter, I can’t help but relish the burn. No one said this life would be easy, but rising from the run-down trailer park to the penthouse, from a no one to a force to be reckoned with, has prepared me for this fight. What I don’t expect are the onslaught of enemies lurking in the shadows and the forbidden relationship that could upend everything I’ve worked for. Let them make their power play. My name is Randi Sawyer, and I’m in these games to win it all.