Personal Foul
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Personal Foul by Maggie Rawdon

I’m her dirty little secret, the one she loves to hate. She knows just what to say to cut deep, and I know how to press every single button she has. We hate each other, until one night after I lose the biggest football game of the year. When she offers the kind of mercy I need. It changes everything… until the next morning. Now I’m her dirty little secret, and she’s avoiding me like the plague. Which makes it difficult when we get partnered on a project and we’re stuck on a couple’s trip with our friends. The tension between us is sky high. So I propose a way to lower it: enemies with benefits. One hotel room. A few days. A chance to let our little “hateship” run its course. Except when it’s unexpectedly cut short, I’m not ready to give her up. And I think I might be a bad habit she can’t quit, despite how smart she is. But we have bigger problems, and both of our post-college careers are on the line. I’m about to find out if I can win this game or fumble the two most important plays of my life.