PERHAPS I WILL: (Book 2, Edie in Love Trilogy)
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PERHAPS I WILL: (Book 2, Edie in Love Trilogy) by Jane Susann MacCarter


She’s devastated. He’s moved on. Will she ever find happiness without him?

Ever since Theo found new love, Edie has wandered lost and alone. With no money for a debut party and no prospects coming knocking, the bleak title of “Spinster” looms closer and closer on the horizon.

Edie’s determined to find a way, spinster or not. If she can’t have love, the very least she can do is be a benefit to society. Despite throwing herself into charitable works, the letters Theo sends to his family praising his new bride-to-be—which Conie Roosevelt is only too happy to read to her—never let her forget the love she’s lost forever.

When a prominent member of society invites her to attend the party of the year, Edie is sure that this will be the moment that turns her life again. No more pinching pennies, no more spinsterhood, no more loneliness. As things start to look up, maybe Edie can even learn to be happy for Theo and his new bride.

Based on the true story of Theodore Roosevelt II’s second wife, Perhaps I Will is the second book in the Edie in Love trilogy. If you loved Edie in Would that I Could, you’ll love her even more now. Pick up Perhaps I Will today!