Painful Stride
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Painful Stride by Lexy Timms

LOVE MAKES YOUR SOUL CRAWL OUT FROM ITS HIDING PLACE… Claudio Rizzo, now known as Gio, is in the witness protection program, hiding on a Texas ranch until he can testify against his cousin, a crime syndicate boss in Chicago. Gio meets Ashley Edmonds, who owns the ranch with her two brothers. He's immediately attracted to her, but when he starts to get too close, her overprotective brother Jesse fights him, threatening to blow his cover. The Feds warn him to lay low or his cousin will find him. After a near disaster, Gio has a terrible feeling—his cousin knows exactly where he is. He can't risk Ashley getting hurt… or worse. TRUE FREEDOM BEGINS THE MOMENT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE… Her Lonely Mafia Boss Series Painful Stride Rough Terrain Country Turf