Nymph Totem
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Nymph Totem by Brittni Chenelle

They should've known when they damned me... Hell makes monsters of us all. Nova has lived all her life in The Garden, an island that floats above Earth, undetected. Her secret friendship with the Prince changed to something more and all that stands in the way of the life she’s been dreaming of is her Totem Ceremony–an age-old rite that assigns one of four elements she'll spend her life protecting. When Nova's ceremony goes horribly wrong, she's placed in a fifth Totem located in the Underworld. Humiliated and cast out, her only hope is to convince her true love’s arrogant, moody brother that there’s been some kind of terrible mistake. But the longer she spends in the darkness battling the salacious urges brought on by the Underworld’s ruler, the closer she comes to unleashing her true nature and making the world that betrayed her burn. This standalone guilty-pleasure will keep you guessing until the end. If you like love triangles, entanglements, selection ceremonies, dragons, royalty, and the allure of the Underworld, then one-click this fiery fantasy that's The Selection by Kiera Cass meets The Raven and The Dove by Kaitlyn Davis.