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NOW AND THEN by Bobby Hutchinson

Indian legend says that the spirit can overcome all obstacles, even time itself. But Doctor Paige Randolph doubts that anything can help her recover from the loss of her child and her failed marriage—until a mysterious crop circle casts her back one hundred years. The gifted doctor has dedicated herself to bringing new life into the world, and not even the savage Canadian frontier or the Riel Rebellion can stop her. As headstrong as she is beautiful, she'll fight against primitive practices and mystical medicine men, and even ignorant government, using native potions and strange herbs to save lives. But after a love she never expected changes her life, and the teachings of a mighty shaman open her mind, Paige learns that, just as she cannot deny the yearnings of her heart, neither can she ignore the powerful truths of the spirit world. A powerful time-travel historical romance, Now And Then explores native Canadian history and the complicated path one woman chooses when her destiny takes her on an unusual journey.