No Small Change
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No Small Change by Annie Cook

The 'change of life' means menopause. But what if it also means reinvention, with the help of a little bit of magic? Adie Bostock is a self-confessed 'basket-case.' She's 52, at the mercy of her haphazard hormones, and struggling to face the end of her marriage. Alone for Christmas and fed up with family drama, she lands at Teapot Cottage where she plans to wallow in guilt and self-pity in private. But the cottage, with its mysterious healing energy, has other plans for Adie and she soon finds that it takes more than one person to make things fall apart, and more than one to put them back together. Confirmed widower Mark Raven is a rough-edged farmer determined to hide his heart. He's battling with grief and ageing, and keeping his rather dreamy daughter at least partly in the real world. Romance is not on his radar. Adie and Mark want to keep things purely platonic, but an unseen influence is nudging them in a different direction. Then Adie's husband decides he wants her back. It's what she's been praying for, but is it still what she really wants? Escape to the Lake District, with this magical, life-affirming story about overcoming challenges and finding love again later in life.