Naked Artist

Deal Date: 10-17-2020

I lose myself in him and find myself all over again, each time, reborn.
Shay Tempest brings you another standalone hot London romance filled with love, story, and steam.


I’ve painted real life male nudes before, but none of them had the body and looks Gabriel has. Wavy dark hair, electric blue eyes, and a body like a Grecian marble statue.
When an art critic friend tells me the only way to truly capture a male nude is to sleep with the model, I shudder with both trepidation and excitement.
Not that I would ever do such a thing simply for art’s sake…

In art class, the whole time Penny’s studying me, I wish it could be just the two of us.
There’s a lot of time, while she’s painting me, to imagine what I’d like to do to her. I daydream how we’d get together, how she’d become a famous artist, I become a film star, and we live happily ever after. Maybe I should try talking to her first.
If only real life was like a Hollywood romance…

by Shay Tempest
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