My Heart’s Desire
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My Heart’s Desire by Lora Thomas

Sophia Hart had been in love with the same man for as long as she could remember. And when the opportunity came for her to spend a few months alone in his company, she leapt at the chance. The problem was he wouldn’t even know she was there because she would be in disguise until the time was right to reveal herself. But, unfortunately, the time came too soon, and she was discovered. She knew it would be easy to convince Samuel to let her stay. But the hardest part would be to get Samuel to love her as much as she loved him. After his first wife left him, a woman was something Samuel Sinclair never wanted in his life again. And yet, he now had one upon his ship—Sophia Hart, the daughter of the most terrifying man he had ever met. The ebony-haired beauty who had stowed away upon his ship was family by marriage, and he could not turn her away. So, despite his better judgment, he allowed her to travel with him to England. And he soon found that it was the best and worst mistake he had ever made.