My Grumpy Billionaire Boss
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My Grumpy Billionaire Boss by Kathilee Riley


So, a tall, dark, handsome 
stranger found me naked in his bed – Oops, awkward.
I was so embarrassed. Him? He was repulsed, blunt and raging mad.
Now, fresh out of 
college, I got a job at my mom’s workplace. My first day on the job and not only is he my new boss, he’s nothing like the harsh, intense stranger I met years ago.
He’s even worse.
But I won’t let that fire-breathing grump scare me. I’ll ignore his cranky attitude, his overzealous demands, the gazillion times he calls me into his office for God-knows-what, the way he pins me down with that hot, penetrating stare. The way he’s so 
jealous and possessive over me.
No, I won’t ignore that.
Does my grumpy boss have a thing for me?
No, it couldn’t be.
Not only is that gorgeous billionaire way out of my league, he’s 
twice my age. Plus, he’s just made a rule against office romance, and he’s determined to enforce it.
But when an encounter ignites a spark between us, it makes me wonder; will my 
forbidden boss break his own rule me?
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