Mooncallers Novella Series (Book 1/Part 1): Werewolf Romance Adult
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Mooncallers Novella Series (Book 1/Part 1): Werewolf Romance Adult by Miriam Khan

It turns out I'm special I have the power to save the most beautiful man I have ever seen with a single touch. There's just one catch. He's a raging werewolf. To escape an abusive ex, Ava Clarke has abandoned her career as a scientist to help out at her grandmother's hardware store in the small town of Pagosa Springs. Kade Kole, one of the most feared werewolves in the city and the leader of his own unique pack, is drawn to the new arrival. The enticing distraction though, isn't welcome, especially not from a human if he's to keep his respected position. But when it becomes clear Ava isn't what she seems, they're forced to work together, combining their abilities to fight the threat of rivals who have learnt of her family's legacy. Can they resist the dangerous attraction growing between them? When other werewolves and the rest of the underworld learn of her dormant powers and threaten her life, will Kade finally have something else to fight for? Book 1 in a three part series. Features: Brooding hero War between species Forbidden romance Unorthodox situations 1st person alternating POV