Miss Union Boss’ Bad Boy Billionaire
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Miss Union Boss’ Bad Boy Billionaire by Bianca Rivers

My first case as the new head of the labor union? Yes, probably among the toughest ones so far. But I’m not backing down even after the Union’s demands are straight out rejected by the future CEO of the billion-dollar hotel chain itself. As if that will stop me from fighting for the people they are trying to screw over. Watch me. When an opportunity to attend the fancy CEO succession event Devon Corp is organizing presents itself to me, I grab it with both hands. My plan is simple—go there and get hold of the kind of information I can use to pressure the corporation into agreeing to my demands. A little dirt in play can’t hurt anyone, can it? Except it’s not exactly easy to come across it. And that asshole of a future CEO who’s my current number one enemy? It turns out he’s hot as sin, a little dorky, totally my type, and seems to be willing to listen to what I have to say. So, uh, I may or may not have agreed to have a business lunch with him, even if he’s technically my enemy. Miss Union Boss’ Bad Boy Billionaire is a slow burn, mild enemies-to-lovers romance novel, with a dorky bad boy billionaire who likes to get what he wants and the stubborn Workers First union head who’ll give him a run for his money. Expect to find a sweet, goofy MMC, snarky FMC, mild enemies-to-lovers, bad boy wanna-be billionaire, steam, HEA, lizard royalty, the best besties and just about the right amount of drama.