Men of Rocky Mountain: The Complete Collection
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Men of Rocky Mountain: The Complete Collection by Alexis Winter


Meet the men of Rocky Mountain. Alpha, broken, protective…and down right filthy.
These men are the definition of take charge mountain men that will leave you weak in the knees and satisfied in the sheets.

This collection includes FIVE full-length novels of small town angst, drama and off the charts heat.

Books Included:

Claiming Her Forever
I’m not Mr. Settle-Down-and-Start-a-Family.
Tried it. Failed at it. Don’t want it again.

In fact, I like my solitary life in the mountains.
I learned the hard way that life ain’t easy or fair.
One minute you think you’ve got it all figured out and the next, you find your wife in your bed with your own best friend.

Then Quinn Prescott shows up to rent the lower level of my cabin.
Sweet, innocent Quinn with her persistent attempts to get to know me and her constant questions.
Those big doe eyes have a story behind them.

She wants more than just a casual hookup and she deserves more.
But I’m not the man who can give it to her, and the quicker she understands that, the better.

A Second Chance at Forever
The last time I saw Willow Taylor, I was chased out of town by her brothers with a target on my back and her broken heart in my hands.

Fifteen years she’s haunted me.
Fifteen years I’ve been tortured by her memory, by images of her every night behind my eyelids.
Now she’s standing here, in my arms, and I’m holding myself back from claiming her.

But the secrets from my past don’t stay hidden for long and once again I’m reminded that guys like me—don’t deserve a second chance at forever.

Always Be My Forever
I should have left that one night we had together in high school, in the past.
But when a single kiss turns into her on my doorstep, begging to finish what we started…I give in.

I devour her, losing myself in the lie that it will be just this one time.
One touch. One kiss. One taste.

I was fourteen when I fell in love with August Belmore.
Eighteen the first time our lips touched.
Thirty-three when I became the bastard that broke her heart.

She’s about to walk down the aisle with someone else and I’m left realizing that falling in love with my best friend and breaking her heart wasn’t my worst mistake.
It was not fighting hard enough to keep her.

Only For Forever
Small town doctor. Big time heart break.
What happens when the man you hate becomes the father of your baby and destroys your heart in the process?

If only that’s where the disaster ended…

He got me pregnant.
I fell in love.
We both experienced a loss so great we only had each other to hold on to, but I vowed I was done wasting tears over a man who only saw me as a fun distraction while he got his life right.

Then piece by piece, he put my heart back together…only to turn around and destroy it.

Waiting For Forever
As a firefighter, I’ve dedicated my life to saving others but I couldn't' save my family.
After losing my wife and unborn daughter, I was done with it all: love, happily ever after, a family.

Then I met her—Stephanie Hartman. 5’10” of pure perfection.
I lost everything once before, I won’t lose her too.
But the harder I try to save her, the more it seems like she’s slipping away.

Maybe after everything that life has put her through, I’m not the man she needs.

Even if I lose her.
Even if she chooses him.
Even if this is all I’ll ever have with her.
She was worth it.

This small town, mountain man collection has it all: smoking hot steam, angst, drama, second chances, forbidden romances, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, fireman, doctors and so much me, you won't want to miss it.