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MAX by Julie Capulet

Into the warm, bustling ambiance of my chic new Los Angeles restaurant, he walks in—as striking as a lightning bolt in slow motion. With ink that gives off a pirate-king vibe and the swagger of a lost prince from a rock ballad, he’s impossible to ignore. The contrast of his worn black leather jacket against the crisp white of his business shirt is a captivating contradiction I can’t tear my eyes away from. But it’s the cuff around his wrist that confirms the worst: he’s dangerous. Rich, rebellious and with a storm brewing beneath the surface. As if managing a restaurant and evading an obsessive customer-turned-stalker wasn’t enough drama for one lifetime. But the unpredictable rom-com slash thriller of my life has plot twists. When the stalker follows me home one night, it’s him who saves me—the gorgeous blue-eyed stranger who could be either the devil or a saint. With Max, I find myself at the crossroads between menace and miracle, discovering that sometimes, a bad boy with a tarnished halo can become the most beautiful savior. He’s my lover, my protector, my paradox. And amid the chaos and whispers, he becomes the love story I never saw coming. Max is a spin-off from the I Love You series and is a sexy standalone story.