Matchmaking the Spy and the Heiress
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Matchmaking the Spy and the Heiress by Cami Checketts

A spy nobody gets close to. An heiress on a humanitarian escape. Can her genuine sweetness penetrate his impenetrable heart? Cassandria Mikelson, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in America, has been hounded by paparazzi her entire life. When her mom dies and her boyfriend dumps her, she escapes the barrage of questions and pictures, and finds solace and purpose in a refugee's camp. She meets the charming Gage Remington and is flattered by his interest in her, but wonders whether he'll be different than all the others who were only after her inheritance. Gage Remington, a cynical and suave spy, is an expert at hiding the truth about everything, including himself. When Cassandria's father hires Gage to protect his daughter, Gage has no problem lying to Cassie about who he is so he can watch over her. But When Cassie risks her life to save a little girl, Gage's hardened heart is hit by a sledgehammer. He realizes how fast he's falling and wonders if he'll be able to stay aloof and professional. Cassie continues to draw Gage in with her selflessness and Christian light. Gage realizes he needs to either be reassigned, or open his heart--and the truth of who he is--to her. But will Cassie ever be able to forgive Gage when he finally reveals the truth? Billionaire … Check. Famous ... Check. In danger … Check. Willing to fake a relationship with a bodyguard to stay safe … Come again? From USA Today Bestselling Author Cami Checketts comes an intense and swoon-worthy new clean romance adventure series: Billionaire Protection Romances. Don’t miss it! 1 - Matchmaking the Singer and the Warrior 2 - Matchmaking the Duchess and the Commander 3 - Matchmaking the Entertainer and the Firefighter 4 - Matchmaking the Model and the Beast 5 - Matchmaking the Spy and the Heiress 6 - Matchmaking the Bodyguard and the Philanthropist Fans of Meg Cabot, Lisa Phillips, Sariah Wilson, and Charles Martin will love Cami Checketts’ clean romantic suspense with a side of comedy.

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