Lovely Wicked Things
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Lovely Wicked Things by Lizbeth Day

Stuck between a rock and something else very, very, hard… Denver Shea is an investigator with a dirty past and one job—spy on Aaron Maddox, the billionaire son of a criminal family. When her key informant goes missing, Denver’s prime suspect, Aaron, comes knocking on her door with an ultimatum—submit or have everything in her world torn apart. Thrust into a penetrating game of predator and prey, Denver works to solve the mystery of her missing snitch while indulging the sexual appetite of a criminal whose true intentions remain hidden. But with every sensuous kiss and lick, Denver is sucked deeper into a seductive world of sex and power until she must choose between doing what is right or keeping her secrets buried by any means necessary. This sexy short is for those who love hot and steamy reads (and don’t mind naughty language).