Lost Time: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance
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Lost Time: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by Penelope Wren


When does the Happily Ever After start?

I had just settled into day to day life with my two shifter fellas. Brody and Indy were pack bonded now, and everything was going perfectly... I mean, save for my mother being her usual horrible self and trying to set me up with non-shifter dudes in our town and dredging up my past mistakes and missteps when I didn't take the bait. But besides that, everything was going great. Until Brody started to fade again. And now, we're headed back to 1962 to try and fix another rip in time. But then, once we get there, I realize I can't access my powers. I've got a Mom-sized mental block keeping me from it. Can I push past my Mom-issues, save Brody, and get all three of us back to the present in one piece? Can I ignore the pull of attraction I feel for yet another shifter? Do I even want to? Only time will tell. And time is something I have in spades.

Book 2 in the Time Witch Chronicles is a new full-length, steamy shifter romance by Penelope Wren.