Looking For Trouble
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Looking For Trouble by Alexis Winter


“Most of the time, when I tell someone to do something, they obey me, Presley. Maybe you need a gentle reminder?”

You know what they say about trouble…if you go looking for it, you’ll probably find it.

But I wasn’t looking—at least that’s what I told myself when I met him.

Wrapped in a bespoke suit and twenty years older than me—Cyrus Gates, the heartless billionaire of Chicago and my new professor. 

I should have known from that first meeting, when his lips curled into a devious grin, his dark eyes raking their way slowly over my body as my stomach flipped.

I’m merely the innocent little prey to his insatiable predator.

When I moved to Chicago for college, I promised myself I’d let loose, but here I am in my last semester of grad school and I’m still the same good girl.

Inside, there’s still a woman who wants to explore the world on her own terms, dying to break free, dying to know what’s behind those dark eyes.

With a reputation like his: cold, calculated and every bit the domineering powerhouse the world makes him out to be, Cyrus is the kind of man I should run from.

The kind of man that gets off on conquering anything and anyone.

But he comes to me with an offer I can’t refuse—a publicist job at the most prestigious public relations firm in Chicago tasked with cleaning up his image.

The catch…he’s the client.

No matter how much I try to stand up to him, no matter how much I try to fight my desire, he can see straight through me.

Something inside me ignites, knowing a man this powerful wants me and has no shame expressing it.

But this isn’t just an innocent game of cat and mouse—it’s a lesson you learn the hard way.

He’s risking losing a multibillionaire dollar deal of a lifetime and I’m risking my entire future.

Just when I think there’s a happily ever after in our sights, he pulls the rug out from under me and I’m left with a target on my back from his enemies.

He warned me—he isn’t the kind of man you just walk away from unscathed, but I didn’t listen.

Instead, I dove in head first with a heart of glass, falling for a man who doesn’t have a heart at all.