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Leopold by Dania Voss

Rejected? Not THIS alpha. Returning home newly divorced from the jerk her family warned her about, Brianna Palermo lands her dream job at The Lion’s Den, a hot new nightclub chain that features live big cats like tigers, leopards, cougars, and lions. It’s an amazing place to work, except Brianna is afraid of cats and does her best to avoid them. But less avoidable is her new boss, and owner of the club. He has kissable lips and a dominance she’s drawn to. When he claims she’s his, she promptly informs him she’s sworn off relationships, and isn’t willing to put her heart on the line again. Leopold Van Housen has everything he could want – wealth, power, dashing good looks, adoring women in his bed, a precious black kitten, and most importantly - a lush, thick head of hair. When his positions as pride alpha and national shifter leader are threatened by the International Shifter Syndicate because he isn’t mated and has no heir, he’s infuriated. Things go from bad to worse when he meets his fated mate, and she rejects him, but then continues to work for him, teasing him with her tantalizing scent. But Leopold isn’t willing to give Brianna up without a fight, no matter how much her rejection stings. And threats be damned! His mother suggests he try a subtler approach to win over his delectable, feisty human mate. Easier said than done for someone who’s used to his every command being followed without question. The battle lines have been drawn. His reluctant little mate won’t know what hit her, and she'll be purring in no time. Let the wooing begin!