Last First Kiss
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Last First Kiss by Melanie Shawn

They say time heals all wounds, but can it also grow new love? Hope Falls was a fresh start for Logan Dorsey whether he wanted one or not. After years as an undercover detective in New York, he needed to decompress. At least that was what he was telling people. The truth was a little more complicated than that. He’d been fighting demons no one knew about, and the only thing that kept the darkness at bay was thinking of the blonde, blue-eyed beauty that was his lighthouse in a sea of PTSD. But since Emma also happened to be his deceased best friend’s widow, he knew he had to keep his distance… which proved to be difficult to do when she ended up staying under his roof. Hope Falls was the last place Emma Locke had ever thought she’d visit. But when her son, who is supposed to be at summer camp decided to take an impromptu trip to see his godfather to find out about his dad who passed six years earlier, that’s exactly where she ended up. She decided to use the time to finish the book that was due to her editor months earlier. Losing her husband tragically had caused her to have a massive case of writer’s block. As a romance author, inspiration as a single mom and widow was nonexistent. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. It existed in the form of her late-husband’s best friend. Logan awakened her dormant desires in ways she never dreamed possible, and she wrote that sort of thing for a living. The only question was, whether or not to turn her fantasies into realities. Author’s Note: Last First Kiss (formerly titled Magic Kiss) is a single mom, hot cop, forced proximity, forbidden love, small town romance. The recipe for this HEA is one-part chiseled, ovary-tingling alpha hero, one-part stunning, off-limits romance author heroine, mix in a handful of well-meaning *cough* meddling family and friends, sprinkle with a dash of humor, add a handful of swoon-inducing heart, and serve with a large side of holy-hotness, mouthwatering sexy time. Bon appetite.