Killer Beauty
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Killer Beauty by Eva Chance

I'm the girl you'll never see coming. Blink and you're dead, another target checked off my list. But one night everything in my carefully ordered existence falls apart. A bloodbath and a car crash later, I find myself in the grasp of four gorgeous, intimidating men. Are my captors cops like they claim or something far more sinister? They sure know how to bend the law. And seeing how skillfully they handle a gun or a knife, I can't help wondering what their hands would feel like all over me. But I have vengeance to wreak, and no man, no matter how powerful, is going to keep me caged for long. They think they've caught a wounded little mouse. How could they know they've brought a killer into their home? I'll bide my time, learn all I can, and when I'm ready to strike... They'll never know what hit them. *Killer Beauty is the first in a new gritty contemporary romance series from bestselling author Eva Chase (writing as Eva Chance) and Harlow King. No major triggers, just hot murderously-inclined men, a deadly heroine out for revenge, and an enemies-to-lovers romance where the girl gets all the guys. Prepare for bloody chaos!*