Just for Show
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Just for Show by Tawna Fenske

Only the family screwup could fall for the cop… After years of screwing up left and right, a rap sheet a mile long, and three Oscars… I’ve finally settled in my family’s small town social experiment. And my sights and heart are set on Amy. The beautiful girl next door is perfection. She’s also police chief. A minor conflict of interest. Still, I can’t stay away. Even when she slams the cell door shut anytime we’re close. The thing is…I’ve changed. My family may hover like I’m poised to flop face-first off the wagon. But I’m doing great, and I plan to prove it to Amy. My goofy jokes can make her smile. I just can’t convince her I have more to offer than belly laughs and chemistry so hot it might be illegal. Not even bedazzled thongs, an accidental raunchy text, or sexy handcuff play can fully break down her walls. The harder I try to show I’m a new man, the surer I am Chief Lovelin locked up my heart and chucked the key. It’s time to prove to her that the changes in my life aren’t just for show. One-click this lighthearted, opposites attract rom-com about a reformed bad boy black sheep who falls for the cop intent on keeping his family’s small town safe…and her heart locked away from him.