Jenny’s Justice
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Jenny’s Justice by CB Samet

When prosecuting attorney Jenny Wiley sees the ghost of a murder victim, her hunt for justice thrusts her into a world of secrets and danger. Can Jenny stop the killer, or will she be the next victim? Assistant district attorney Jenny Wiley never imagined she’d find herself trying to help a man wrongly accused of murder. But when the ghost of the victim appears only to her, Jenny is forced to join forces with defense attorney Beau Montrose to conduct her own investigative work. When Jenny’s sleuthing puts her career and life in danger, she’s forced to decide just how far she’ll go for truth and justice. A fast-paced, clean enemies-to-lovers romantic suspense thriller with a paranormal twist from award-winning author CB Samet. The Romancing the Spirit Series are clean romance tales that can be enjoyed in any order. *** “This is an intriguing story that had me glued to the pages right from the first page. The author brings a cast of strong well developed characters centering on Jenny and Beau and weaves a fantastic story filled with tons of action, drama, anxiety, danger and fear as well as mystery and .. oh, can't forget .. Cecilia , a ghost. And along the way ... romance. The story moves fluidly with her detailed and descriptive writing and she delivers a true page turner. I loved and would recommend this book.” —Bookbub Reviewer “This is the book 14 in the amazing Romancing the Spirit Series, and paranormal romantic suspense. I love this Series of novellas! Jenny and Beau's story is well written and captivating. The story has romance, action, and twists and turns. I highly recommend this Series.” —Goodreads Reviewer “I have enjoyed every book in this author's Romancing the Spirit series, of which this book is a part. Yet again, she pulled me right in... The author surprised me at how well she wrote the first part that seems like just a regular contemporary romance; it did not surprise me at how well she wove in the paranormal element, as that is certainly a hallmark of her writing this series. If you enjoy well-written contemporary romances with a paranormal twist, you will most likely enjoy this book and the others in this wonderfully written series.” — Jamie Bee (Reading Fanatic Reviews)