I Do (Not)
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I Do (Not) by Anni Lee

A night in Vegas is all fun and games until you wake up with a ring on your finger and no clue who put it there. Jacob Conner was never planning to get married, and he's certain that sentiment didn't change even when he was completely black out drunk on the Vegas strip. Which is also why he has no problem ignoring the elephant in the room and heading back to work at the front desk of a San Francisco luxury hotel. So when the hotel holds a big conference for its shareholders and Jacob's otherwise cold and aloof boss, Aaron Craig: billionaire and heir to the Craig Hotel Empire, starts taking a special interest in him, he has no idea what he did to be hand picked as the glorified babysitter for his equally important and pompous older brother, Trevor Craig, who just flew in for the week from... Las Vegas. This is going to be a very, very long week. I Do (NOT) is an accidental marriage contemporary romantic comedy, featuring three points of view in a billionaire tug-o-war over a sarcastic and unsuspecting desk clerk. You can expect enemies to lovers banter, boss/employee scandal, a lopsided love triangle, crossed boundaries, and a couple slices of humble pie in this gay office romance. Formerly released under Ninestar Press, the story has been rewritten from the ground up with added content and expanded dialogue and chapters.