Howl It’s Done (Apex Mountain Shifters Book 1)
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Howl It’s Done (Apex Mountain Shifters Book 1) by P. Jameson


For this wolf shifter, mating isn’t just for pleasure or even for love.

It was for survival.

Quincy needs a mate to make him invincible, but his inability to speak clearly has made him an outcast. So when the matchmaker chooses him for the first of the female candidates, no one is more surprised. Even more shocking is his animal’s immediate possessive reaction to her. Without a doubt, he knows…

She is his to protect. His to serve. His to keep.

Amber is sweet and caring, and looking for a place to call home. He knows he can give it to her, even if his packmates don’t believe in him. With his flaw, he never thought he’d be worthy of a mate. But now is his chance to show Amber that he was created to treasure–and pleasure–only her.