Hopefully Matched

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by Cathryn Brown
Deal Date: 01-12-2021

She’s focused on her new small town business. He doesn’t want to be stuck in one place. A matchmaker thinks they’re a good fit . . .
Aimee recently opened her dream jewelry store. She’s overwhelmed by the work, but she doesn’t know anyone who could help. A well-meaning matchmaker sends Jack to her, but she doesn’t have time for romance.

Jack’s dreams are finally being fulfilled. Now that he has sold his store, he’s a full-time nature photographer. He can travel Alaska whenever he wants. But he’s known for helping kittens and people when they’re in need.

No matter how much the matchmakers hope they’ve made a good match, there could never be romance between Jack and Aimee. Or did they get it right?

If you love Hallmark movies and sweet romances with a dash of fun, Hopefully Matched and the Alaska Matchmakers series are a good fit for you.

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You may have met Noah’s brother, Adam, in Crazy About Alaska. Adam has four brothers and each will find love in the Alaska Matchmakers Romances.

This is a standalone book which is part of a series. It’s clean and wholesome with no sex or swearing. The author is from Alaska, so she knows the real Alaska.

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