His Make-Believe Bride
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His Make-Believe Bride by Cynthia Wright


Fall in love with a "mesmerizingly wicked" hero...


A French pirate of smoldering passions, Justin St. Briac has vowed never to marry. However, when his manipulative mother beckons him to her deathbed in Cornwall, he succumbs to her plea that he take a bride – devising an elaborate charade to appear to grant her dying wish.

The old woman’s days are numbered, after all, and soon he’ll return to his life of unfettered romantic conquests and adventure...


Mouette Raveneau, once the toast of the London ton, has been ruined by her dead husband’s crimes. When she reluctantly takes refuge in Cornwall with her two adolescent sons, Justin hires her to help carry off his grand scheme.

Soon, however their "business arrangement" begins to feel like what Justin has avoided his whole life--a real marriage, one where he could lose something much more valuable than his freedom...he might actually lose his heart.

“One of the best historical romances of the year! Cynthia Wright knocks it out of the park with HIS MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE.” - Elizabeth Clayton, Amazon Reader