Hidden: An enemies to lovers dark romance (Club Exposure Book 1)
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Hidden: An enemies to lovers dark romance (Club Exposure Book 1) by Ivy Nelson


She's stubborn and reckless and determined to expose the truth.

He’s duty-bound to protect her even if he hates her.

Secret Service Agent Peter Mercer just wanted a promotion. Instead he got investigative journalist Carrie Davenport. His hatred of journalists runs deep, but she's going to get herself killed. So he'll do what he must to keep her safe and his conscience clear.

Carrie Davenport didn't look for trouble but it always found her. This time it came in the form of a human trafficking ring involving D.C.'s most powerful. And she could expose it all and turn it into the biggest story she’s ever written. Or get herself killed. And Peter Mercer seems hellbent on preventing her from doing either.

When he shows up at Club Exposure, she thinks he's following her again. Turns out they have more in common than either realizes.

Disclaimer: Hidden was previously published as book 3 in the D.C. Power Games series and was titled Power Relinquished. The author has made significant changes and made it part of the new Club Exposure Series. The D.C. Power Games series is no longer available.