He is… Creed Part One
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He is… Creed Part One by Lisa Renee Jones

They created a weapon. And he is that weapon... He was stationed at Area 51, a loyal soldier serving his country, and later injected with what he believed to be a standard vaccination, only it was an experiment. Now he's a weapon, a man with skills like no other, who can travel with the wind, a man with darkness within that he battles every day of his life. Then he meets Addie—the light to his darkness, the daughter of the man who created him. Addie is the only one who understands Creed, the only one who makes him feel more man than monster. But there is war in the air between Creed, his fellow windwalkers, and Addie's father. Creed will not allow himself, or the others like him, to live as pawns and weapons. Now Addie must choose a side. Her father or the man she loves.