Having Rosenfeld
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Having Rosenfeld by Leighann Hart



Five months after Rosenfeld confesses his love to Ryleigh, their happily ever after is just a plane ride away when he takes a position with an Ann Arbor paper. 

But a lot can change in five months and distance creates space for deception. 

The pair are reunited in Michigan, but Ryleigh quickly realizes the once familiar details of Peter’s life have become a mystery.

His mood is unpredictable. 

His scent now comes laced with tobacco. 

His clothes swallow his weathered frame. 

Ryleigh remains in the dark regarding his behavior until Janet drops a bomb Peter seemed ready to take to the grave: his father suffered a stroke. 

A night of reconciliation in her dorm room transforms their connection, but the most beautiful evening of Ryleigh’s life also proves to be the most devastating, perhaps stirring up more fear than pleasure and leaving her to reckon with the painful fact that love is more complicated than she could have foreseen.

Authors note: recommended audience 18+.