Haunting Stephanie
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Haunting Stephanie by Heather Sage

Stephanie Colson is being haunted by one of the most famous social media influencers in Los Angeles. And she would do anything to get the ghost off her back. Natalie Harrington is charming, beautiful, and...dead. The only person in the living world who seems to be able to communicate with her is someone she never met in her life. The two women pair up to figure out what (or who) caused Natalie’s death, and help Natalie cross over. But when Stephanie poses as a ghostwriter and travels to Natalie’s hometown of Clover Ridge, Vermont, things become complicated. The one person who might have some knowledge about Natalie’s death is her older brother, Nathan, who is convinced Natalie was murdered. There’s just one problem: Nathan doesn’t trust Stephanie, and he makes that very clear. Over time, Nathan and Stephanie reluctantly realize they have a common goal: to answer the mysterious questions that surround Natalie’s death. As they work together, they find that they might not be so different after all - and that their connection might go beyond their commitment to help Natalie. This heartwarming tale of friendship, love and second chances kicks off the cozy Clover Ridge series.