Gypsy (Gypsy Kings Book 1)

Gypsy (Gypsy Kings Book 1) by Roux Cantrell

Nicolea Petrovic is a man very few know. Next in line as King of the Gypsies, he takes his duties seriously. His loyalty to his family and his club brothers keep him true to himself. To be king there is only one thing standing in his way...marriage. The one thing he is not interested in nor has time for. Mariquinn Bagrov feels like her time is running out. She has caught the eye of a man, a man she does not want to belong too. Razvan has every intention of making Mariquinn his. When her father informs her she will be marrying the new Gypsy King she is astonished. Can Nicolea Petrovic be the answer, or will a life with the King just be another prison? Can a marriage of convenience be the answer or will a blackmail scheme keep Gypsy from marrying Mariquinn, forcing her into another mans bed..