Guarded by the Wolf
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Guarded by the Wolf by Savannah Sterling

First rule of being a werewolf bodyguard? Never shift on the job. As a dominant wolf without a pack, I have to keep my animal contained. That works great until I meet Fallon — a beautiful, fiery she-wolf. Every alpha wants to mate with her, and my wolf can’t stand it. When an attempted kidnapping disrupts the mating gathering, I take the job as Fallon’s bodyguard. It’s a mistake. The little she-wolf is a feisty one, and I find myself craving her like I’ve never craved anyone or anything. But protecting her is the job, and I won’t let myself get too close. I lost everything once before. I won’t do it again. The problem? My wolf thinks Fallon’s our fated mate. It doesn’t matter that every alpha in the state is after her. He wants me to give her my mark and claim her as my own. If you love short and steamy shifter romances featuring protective and possessive alpha wolves, this book is for you. Click to grab your copy now! Some elements of this story may be disturbing to sensitive readers. For a complete list of potential triggers, please visit