Fighting Tragedy
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Fighting Tragedy by Ashley Kay

Taking off to Vegas was supposed to be fun. A weekend away with no phones. Finally free from the shadow of the failed relationship between Faith’s sister and Angel’s brother. However, they didn’t plan to get carried away and end up at the altar. Monday brings reality crashing down hard when news of a tragedy at home reaches them. Angel and Faith rush back to find they’ve been living on a bed of lies, and Angel’s brother is not the man they thought. And for the first time in her life, Faith’s family leaves her to live with her decision and stick by the choices she’s made. Feeling broken and shutout, Faith has to learn how to navigate her new reality. A husband struggling to come to grips with the truth while demons haunt both their dreams; while guilt and bitterness sour their hearts. As darkness closes in around them, is love enough to fight through the tragedy of death? Fighting Tragedy is Book One in the Fighting for Love Series.