Fearless: Less is More “Season One”, Volume Two
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Fearless: Less is More “Season One”, Volume Two by V.R. Christensen

Season One: The Reluctant Ones Volume Two: Fearless Charlotte Darling is an unaccomplished, talentless girl of meager prospects with a shrewish temperament that will make it almost impossible for her to marry. Such is the opinion of Mr. Blakeney, the heir apparent of Charlotte’s childhood home. The estate of Blithewell, upon her father’s death, will pass to Mr. Darling’s nephew by his first marriage—a “cousin” of sorts. It is Mr. Blakeney’s intention to see that Charlotte is married and off his hands at the earliest possible convenience. Charlotte has other ideas. Love is not among them, but when Mr. Blakeney's half-brother arrives, she is forced to reconsider everything she previously considered non-negotiable, including leaving her beloved Blithewell.