Fate’s Fools
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Fate’s Fools by Ophelia Bell

When I tamed a feral dragon, I didn't expect him to fall in love with me. My impromptu guitar duet with a cute guy in a music store turns catastrophic when ethereal Fate hounds crash the party. They've been stalking me and my music is their lure—but they don't attack me, they go after him instead. Now it's my fault he's stuck in his enormous golden dragon form and on the verge of turning feral. Taming a feral dragon is a commitment I'm not sure I'm prepared for, but if I don't, the entire human world will be in danger. Even worse, the presence of the higher races won't remain secret for much longer. So I give in for the sake of humanity, sharing my body and my healing magic to protect us all. But the hounds are still out there, attacking other innocents in the name of Fate. My dragon lover's band mates are in danger too, and the only way to protect them means making them my mates. I'm the last person they should be with—girls who don't have souls don't get to have soul mates. So why are all five of these men looking at me like I'm the answer to all their prayers? Fate's Fools is the first book in the highly erotic reverse harem series set in Ophelia Bell's dragon world. It features heroes of various races and a powerful heroine who captures their hearts. Each book has a happy-for-now ending. Read the full series for the ultimate payoff!