Faking it with Bossy
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Faking it with Bossy by Olivia Noble

I wish I was my own boss. I wish I was my own boss. I wish I was my own boss. Ash Wintergreen is the biggest jerk I know. I call him the mega Ash-hole. When the financial distress of my family forces me to sell my little business and move back home to Silver Mountain, Vermont, I have to take a job working for the person I hate most in the universe. Kill. Me. Now. I hate Ash so much that if he and I were the last man and woman on the planet... you better believe you could kiss goodbye to the human race. Every time he offends me, I fill my notebooks with sketches of him dying in the most satisfying ways-- like a piano falling on his head. So when he gives me the awful task of being his fake-fiancé... and threatens my job if I don't help him? Well, I know exactly where he can shove that idea. But then it hits me. Maybe I can negotiate. I'll be his little fake whatever, as long as he gives my land back. If only he would consider promoting me to being his partner in the company… Because I'm a boss, too. I am so sick of being stuck under Ash. Maybe if I could be on top sometimes, he would be a little more tolerable... A small-town, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy with a guaranteed HEA. Sweet and steamy, over the top, billionaire boss hero, lots of laughs.