Eve of the Fae
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Eve of the Fae by E. Menozzi


Eve didn’t believe in magic…until she fell in love with a Fae prince.

When Eve’s carefully ordered life unravels, she travels to England to visit family. Lydbury Manor, her aunt and uncle’s historic home, with its legends connected to the Fae, is the perfect place to spend Christmas and make a fresh start—until she discovers she isn’t the only guest.

Liam has been masquerading as a human for far too long, at least as far as the Fae High Court is concerned. Liam is convinced that the key to stopping the Wild Hunt from destroying the Fae is hidden somewhere in Lydbury Manor. He just needs a little more time, not the distraction of a curious and beautiful human.

Eve isn’t fooled by Liam’s unassuming appearance, and Liam can’t resist his attraction to Eve. Her suspicions threaten to disrupt his search and time is running out. But if he tells her the truth and surrenders to forbidden love, it will threaten both their lives.

Can a Fae prince and a human who doesn't know anything about magic stop a vengeful spirit determined to hunt the Fae to extinction?