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Entice by Marie Tuhart

When Crystal Hayden walks into Jordan Frost’s office, sparks fly. The spunky paralegal captured his attention the first time they met in more ways than one. Crystal is perfect for the job he needs to have done. But he wants more. He wants all Crystal can give him. He only hopes she’s up to the challenge. Crystal’s attraction to Jordan is immediate and powerful. But she’s vowed never to date a co-worker again. Worse yet, he’ll be her boss. She’s already lost one job due to to a personal relationship; she won’t do it it again. When Jordan agrees to an ironclad contract between them that her job is safe, Crystal finds herself free to explore a world that has intrigued her for a long time, but old fears haunt her. Crystal and Jordan are thrown together while working the case. The stakes increase and threaten to spill over into their private lives and the lives of their friends. While both have secrets, their past and present collide. They must confront old attitudes and beliefs in order to open their hearts to each other and find a lasting future together.