End Game
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End Game by Allie Lasky

Barrett knows Diana has her own reasons for transferring to his school, but he’s torn between elation at finally getting to spend time with his best friend again, and dread at the idea of so much time with the woman he’s in love with and doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. Diana’s got a lot going on; between her dad’s terminal cancer, the mean girls on her new soccer team, and the looming deadlines of graduate school applications… She’s done. She doesn’t have anything more to give. She thought it would be good to be around her best friend again, but after spending the bulk of their college years on separate sides of the country, she’s unprepared for the day to day reality of the man her childhood friend has grown into. Everything is different, and everything is changing, and she can barely hold on. When he changes the parameters of their friendship, she’s left scrambling for steady ground. Barrett’s not playing chess. He’s waiting for Diana to realize what he’s known all along; she’s his End Game. END GAME is a best friends to lovers, slow burn, college football romance.