Double Devotion
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Double Devotion by Sima Ben

Love is the strangest feeling ever. I came to my favourite place, facing the sea, to sink into self-pity after going through an ugly divorce. This time, I was sure I was done with men forever. After all, who could handle a single mother with more emotional burden than anyone should carry? But everything changed when I saw him: Michael Jones, my all-time Hollywood idol. Could it be that luck has decided to smile at me for once? The only problem is a stunning one with eyes I could die staring into, and his name is Avi. Michael's best friend. The crazy part here? They're both into me, and with each passing day, I rise increasingly to new heights of passionate love. Michael is full of passion, talent, and glamour. Avi is an island of depth and intriguing beauty inside and out. I know I should have made a choice, but I'll never find the strength to give up on any of them. Maybe, just perhaps, we find a way to make this triangular relationship work?