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Deviant by Tierney Storer

What's a girl to do when her freedom day is ruined by a hulking Minotaur who steals her away and takes her and her bestie to a mystical land full of weirdo's and magic she could never even dream of? Buy shoes on daddy's new credit card, that's what. Oh and cause a bit of havoc. Or maybe a lot of havoc. Between my hot older Guard, my stupidly tantalizing new Vampire roommate and delightful fake brother, I have more than enough ammunition to cause a riot and make sure this entire country knows who I am and why I'm so wicked inside. Let's not forget my new cousin; Queen Carrie Darklight, AKA the baddest b*tch this world has seen in the last millennia, and the last Chimera, has taken me under her wing and is showing me all the ways we girls can rule this dark world. My birth parents ditched me like a bad puppy in the pound and just because they freed me from going to jail, and told me I was a Princess of Marda, doesn't mean a thing to me. I despise them and I refuse to bow down and fit into the pretty little Princess role. I'm Lucifer - f*cking - Nox baby, and you best believe I am more than a match for my namesake. It's in my DNA to be a deviant; I am a Darklight after all... This story follows the life and death of seventeen-year-old Lucifer Nox as she is discovered in the Mortal Realm and brought back home to an Other Realm Fae country called Marda, against her wishes, where her birth parents rule as King and Queen. She is the cousin to Carissa Darklight, a character mentioned in the Superno Academy series of mine. It is a tale of loss, love, strength, and figuring out who you are along the way. Information on the type of content, general tropes, and things can be found on my website via the link in my social media bios; TIKTOK - tierneywrites INSTA - tierneystorer The Changeling series can be read as a stand-alone series, you are not required to read Superno Academy Series first. There are some minor spoilers though for Superno Academy and I do recomend reading Superno 1 to 3 before going into Changeling, for the best reading experience. But again, not a necessity. This is a series set in my Other Realm universe, which will/does contain multiple different series', stand-alones, and more.