Deadly Pursuit (The Keeper’s Series Book 3)
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Deadly Pursuit (The Keeper’s Series Book 3) by Stephanie St. Klaire


Veteran Keeper’s operative, Mercy Wyatt knows all too well, where there’s smoke... there’s fire. When a mysterious woman shows up on his ranch with a child at her side, he’s thrown into a deadly pursuit for justice.

The secrets in Sarah’s eyes aren’t near as telling as the bruises and scars marring her skin. It’s evident she’s hiding something, and Mercy needs answers to expose the dark truth she escaped.

His instincts lead him on a wild chase that uncovers a sinister organization ran by the world’s most powerful and influential— that trades people like commodities and commits the unimaginable.

After everything she’s endured, Mercy refuses to allow Sarah to fight her hunters alone. But it’s hard to protect a woman on the run, especially when she’s wanted...

For murder.

Just when you think this pulse pounding series can’t take you any deeper or darker into conspiracies and corruption, 
think again.