Dangerous Refuge (Corrupt Bloodlines Book 2)
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Dangerous Refuge (Corrupt Bloodlines Book 2) by Lydia Hall

The handsome, mysterious man will protect me and my son under one condition… I have to marry him first. Something draws me to Allie Clarke, and it’s not just her sweet, innocent beauty. It’s also her fierce desire to protect her son and her belief that people are good deep down… As wrong as she is, Allie holds out hope for me. She doesn’t know what I’ve done, and what I will do to keep her safe. But Allie has a secret - an ex, the father of her son, who is on the hunt. He won’t stop until he finds her, and she won’t stop running until she’s safe. Rules we set ourselves are broken. I shouldn’t touch Allie, but I can’t resist anymore. Once her ex reappears, two things are put to the test. My loyalty to the bratva… and my love for Allie. My decision might end us or give us the new beginning we’ve been craving… But no matter how I decide, when I do, it’s going to change everything. DANGEROUS REFUGE is the second book of The Corrupt Bloodlines series of interconnected standalones. This is a dark spicy romance novel that can be enjoyed alone or binged with the rest of the series!