Dandelion Wishes (Under My Skin)
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Dandelion Wishes (Under My Skin) by Mica Rae


No one ever said love would be easy...He's not supposed to date, but she's impossible for him to resist.

Fresh out of rehab with a new future, Mason focuses on building a successful career as a tattoo artist while staying far away from drugs. He keeps his head down, attends his meetings, and apprentices under one of the best tattoo artists in the nation. Life is good.

Sophie has never felt like she's enough. She can't imagine why the sexy guy from the tattoo shop next door keeps giving her attention. He's supportive and loving in a way she doesn't think she deserves. Could this bee too good to be true?

When Sophie's eating disorder threatens her life, and puts Mason's sobriety on the line, can they get their happily ever after? Or is their love doomed?